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Expedition Preparation


There's a lot to organise for a 4x4 trip, and we can help you prepare. While we make all the bookings and take a huge amount of hassle away on your behalf there's still a few things we'd like you to do.

UK Weekend Explorer

These weekends are designed to be non-damaging and suitable for standard vehicles. Our support teams are on hand to spot you through any obstacles that may cause you problems. Some lanes are narrow and flanked with trees or bushes and you may pick up some light bodywork scratches. These can normally be polished out but vehicles can have clear vinyl wraps applied to keep them in show room condition. You may also wish to put basic underbody protection on your vehicle – for example Land Rover defenders and Discovery's would benefit from having a front differential and steering guards fitted as these components are exposed and prone to damage. While suitable for occasional use, standard road tyres are susceptible to sidewall damage when used off road – tyres of All Terrain or Mud Terrain tread patterns are more suitable. A CB radio is useful but PMR hand held radios are OK.

Foreign Explorers

The level of preparation can vary widely according to taste and pocket as well as actual need! As a minimum we would recommend your vehicle having a full service and check prior to departure, by a company who understands the rigours expedition vehicles face. In terms of must have's then the list would be – CB radio, recovery points front and rear and tyres of either All Terrain or Mud Terrain patterns. Some underbody protection (front differential and steering guards) is desirable. A suspension upgrade is also high on the desirable list, fully laden vehicles are normally set up with the heaviest duty springs and shocks and often this would mean a 2” rise. A set of recovery equipment (kinetic strops and 2 shackles) is essential for desert trips, along with a spade. We will advise on any additional fuel and water requirements. We can also give you guidance when it comes to spares due to our experience of a wide range of vehicle types across our many expeditions. Often spares packs can be “borrowed” on a sale or return basis from the specialists servicing and preparing your vehicle.

Most of the other modifications commonly fitted are designed to make it easy for you to live out of your vehicle, – for example you may need a twin battery system if you intend to use a lot of lighting during the evening, roof tents are fast and easy to erect and you won't spend the night sleeping on rocks! Probably the most important thing is that you think about the storage of the kit you take – strong plastic boxes, such as WOLF boxes, are a good flexible solution. Consider what you will want to get at quickly and frequently and pack both the car and the boxes with this in mind. The final solution will be specific for you and the way you want to travel – many of our guests undertake a weekend with us first as a “practice run” to sort this out. Weight and overloading are your enemies !

A piece of kit that we now consider essential for long Sahara trips would be a fridge to keep your food fresh and importantly, you healthy. It can also contribute to keeping your menus varied on extended trips. A chilly beer on a sand dune watching a stunning sunset is another bonus! We use an Engel but National Luna are also excellent, however they are all expensive but a great new service from MPS Trading allows you to hire a unit, to use for an individual trip and then go onto to buy, with your hire cost refunded if you decide, or simple hire a high performance unit for your expedition.

For more information, tips, advice and check lists download our OneLife Adventure guide on 4x4 expedition travel

For more information on 4x4 vehicle preparation download our free guide, written by one of the industry's best known and experienced vehicle preparation specialist, Eddie Priscott of Terrafirma and Frogs Island 4x4


Whether it's consultancy support with planning your own adventure, expert training to improve your off road driving skills, or just help booking ferries or containers to get you and your vehicle in the right place at the right time - we'll take the pressure off you and get you ready to go. Right from finding you the right vehicle to providing you with back up and support while you are away see what we can do, visit our CONSULTANCY section or contact us to help you live your dream

Download - Guidance Notes on Expedition Travel

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Download - Guidance Notes on 4x4 Preparation

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