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4x4 Training Courses

Our one-to-one training courses are a great way to discover what you and your 4x4 is capable of, all under a relaxed safe learning environment. Contact us today to book your personal training.

Paul Blackburn,

Staying safe is critical for you, your vehicle and its equipment. The key to safety is knowing how to control your vehicle and understanding how to maintain it and use its fitted equipment. OneLife Adventure can help you gain the skills you need to keep your party safe, whether in Wales or West Africa, Yorkshire or Yemen.

We provide customised one on one driver training in all basic, intermediate and advanced areas of vehicle use, operation and control for individuals, charities, NGO's and commercial customers. In addition, courses on expedition medicine, navigation and GPS use, winching and vehicle recovery, bush mechanics and daily maintenance are available, and can be tailored to your needs.

Training can take place throughout the UK and many clients then put their new skills into practise by joining OneLife Adventure on one of the UK based Explorer mini expeditions before departing upon their dream trip or simply using their 4x4 on a daily basis. All training days are 1:1 with the instructor, you'll drive your car for around 5 hours and the challenges will increase as you gain skills and confidence. Please contact us to discuss your specialised needs and find out how we can help you stay safe, have fun and gain new skills or simply polish some rusty ones.

Skills You Will Learn on Basic Course

  • Basic 4x4 vehicle layout and operation
  • Hill climb and descents
  • Water, Gully and River crossing's
  • Rocks, Mud and Sand
  • Vehicle Recovery – basic recovery techniques
  • Vehicle checks – daily and safety checks after off road use

Our Training Feedback

  • Not a common sight in Norwich, a Camel Trophy Land Rover and a bright yellow UniMog in a supermarket car park at 9am on a Friday morning. Tee hee. The owner of the Land Rover being Paul Blackburn of One Life Adventure. Our aim for the day, to learn how to use our new Warn 15 series winch and get some valuable tips for our adventure ahead. After a quick chat about general safety and the basics of winching we set about seeing how much rope we had and learning to pull the Mog along the flat whilst attached to Paul's LR. This worked smoothly, with little drama and so we moved on to winching around an obstacle, which enabled us to get used to handling all the various strops, shackles, snatch block etc. When we started again after lunch there was a small delay.. The end of the plasma rope suddenly appeared in my hand! It turned out the grub screw was missing from the winch barrel, oops. So Paul set about manufacturing one out of the back of his LR, handy man to have on an expedition, maybe that's why he does it for a living?

    Overall a damn good day - it definitely did wonders for Janey's confidence in the Mog as she hadn't seen her in real action before. All in all, we were both happy as pigs in shit

    Tom and Janey
  • Just a few lines to say thanks for the training. Bearing in mind that it was my first every off road experience as a complete 4X4 novice – (the car was better prepared than me) I can honestly say it was a driving test for myself more than a capability test for the car – it was an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed – I probably learnt more about the capability of my car – and how to drive it – in one day than over the past two years road & track driving. It was also interesting to see how well a completely standard 4X4 performed.


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