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Travelling With Families

Travelling With Families

We welcome families on OneLife Adventure trips, and all our European trips are designed with families in mind. That means plenty of stops, a short driving day and great quality campsites. We build itineraries that keep children happy - searching out campsites with pools, or near a village with traditional bars and restaurants and places to explore.

We actively seek to engage children in the trip - and there's lots to keep their interest - whether it's searching for butterflies or frogs, helping with the firewood collection, or learning something about the wilderness they travel through and people they meet. And because we've got a reputation as a family friendly company, you're likely to be travelling with other children and teenagers too. We're delighted that some great friendships have formed around the OneLife camp fire! Bring a guitar or a football, and you can make friends anywhere!

We hope that everyone learns something from their holiday, whether its how to drive on sand, how to make a fire, why a mountain is a particular shape, a few words of greeting in Arabic or that wild camping is great fun.

Our mantra is 'happy kids = relaxed parents' and we understand that this trip is your much needed family holiday!

Of course, as well as enjoyment, safety is a paramount concern, and never more so than when there are young children around. Rest assured that we personally lead all of our expeditions, we carry medical and survival equipment, (and know how to use it if needed.) Over the past decade of travel we've built up a network of security contacts in each country that we visit, and we can rely on them to advise us as to the real situation on the ground.

If you're interested in a destination but are unsure whether or not it's suitable for kids, our ratings system will help you decide. If you have particular queries, do give us a call. We're more than happy to talk it through with you.

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